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Varissuon Työ ja Toiminta VT ry was established year 1998. Our function is to decrease and abolish unemployment; and to improve the livelihood and quality of life of the unemployed. Our association is politically and religiously independent, all people are equal.

In year 2018 our association had close to 300 members.

The unemployment rate of Varissuo is one of the highest of neighborhoods in Turku, 28,9 % (December 2016). Specific challenges to the area sets the high percentage of immigrants, 40 % (March 2016), their employment and improving their language proficiency.

Our association offers short-term employment from 50 to 60 persons per year. We can therefore offer our members and employees for example lunch, a flea market and repairing of clothes and other textiles for a wery reasonable price. We also have computers and internet and also guidance to to use them for our members.

We also have active clubs; for example the Needlework Club, the Fishing Club and the Wednesday Club for the people who are interested in making handicraft of mainly recycling material, and last but not least our active Sports Club. There are also recreational trips and trips to theatres and other places of interest.

Come and familiarize yourself in our association and join in in our activities!

Yhteystiedot ja aukioloajat Majanummen toimitalo / Hintsankuja 4, 20610 Turku / Avoinna ma - pe klo 8 - 15 / TEL:02-236 5202 / info(at)


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